Tachograph files and driver cards can be downloaded remotely. How can the entire process be automated?

03 February 2021
Tachograph files and driver cards can be downloaded remotely. How can the entire process be automated?

Managing a company that has vehicles equipped with a tachograph in its assets is not easy. Strict national and EU regulations significantly complicate and limit the possibility of using tractors, trucks or, in the near future, also delivery vehicles. Adapting to the terms related to reading files with the ddd extension both from the tachograph itself, and files on the driver card is not simple and sometimes even not very feasible given the constant presence of vehicles outside the country. As you know, failure to meet the deadlines can be associated with enormous penalties, which can sometimes lead to serious financial problems for the company, considering the low-margin type of business which is the transport of goods.

It is known that the easiest solution to fulfill the obligation to read driver cards and data from the tachograph in a timely manner is the tedious manual "visit" of each vehicle and reading the file on a dedicated device. Usually, in this case, applications on the phone or a device equipped with a memory card are used, from which the downloaded file is then downloaded to the computer. However, this is not a perfect solution. Unfortunately, it involves visiting each of the vehicles, and as you know, it is not always possible. The same situation occurs when there is a need to read data from the driver card. The constant rotation of employees may sometimes prevent such an activity.

The best solution for fulfilling the obligation to read and archive data is remote download. The TransMobil company, in order to meet the expectations, has created a module that, when installed in the vehicle, reads data from the tachograph. At the same time, this module serves as a tool that allows for remote authorization and replacement of the key from the company card, necessary for the correct and legally compliant reading of DDD files. from the tachograph. In addition, the driver card traveling in the tachograph slot is also read and its content is visible by a person authorized to read downloaded files from company vehicles. The entire procedure of downloading data from vehicles requires only the TransMobil software and the company card inserted into the slot next to the computer or a special reader that works in the background and can stand, for example, on the company's desk.

However, downloading files is half the battle. The key element of the operation of the proprietary TransMobil software is the automatic operation and supervision of the correct operation of the entire process. At the very beginning, the user only needs to define who is to receive messages in the event of a problem with a possible download of the file on time, and the machine then works completely independently. Each new driver detected on any of the downloaded files causes the automatic creation of such a driver in the system, which in turn leads to adding a new driver to the queue for downloading data from his driver card. Therefore, the user intervenes in the process only if there is a problem with the possibility of downloading the file (the machine does not know whether, for example, a truck tractor is on the service in the workshop).

The awareness of the importance of downloading data from a tachograph or a driver card on time means that the tools provided by TransMobil are duplicated. As part of the service, it is also possible to use your smartphone, laptop or office reader to manually download a file from a vehicle or a driver card that is constantly rotating. Independently, all downloaded files are sent to servers where, after logging in, they can be further analyzed in the "Tachograf" module or downloaded locally for archiving.