Remote tachograph reading - tachograph reader - tacho control

Convenience and cost reduction is our main goal, which we pursue by creating new software for our clients. Based on this assumption, we have developed a unique system of remote download of files from the tachograph and driver cards. It is no longer necessary to "visit" the vehicle cabin once to read the data. Remote Tachograph Reading solves this problem. Thanks to the use of a GPS recorder, a special reader connected to the tachograph and the TransMobil software, all files can be downloaded remotely while sitting comfortably in the office. Additionally, we offer a tool for remote download of driver cards and ddd files via our Mobile Assistant Driver application. All files downloaded using the above-mentioned tools are stored on our servers in a dedicated folder in the client's folder, they are also provided with appropriate certificates that guarantee approval by controlling institutions (eg ITD). Remote reading of files and downloading data from the tachograph and driver card ensures safety and allows you to avoid penalties related to failure to meet the deadlines resulting from legal regulations.

What is a digital tachograph?

The digital tachograph itself is an electronic device that is installed in the cabin of the vehicle. It saves data on the driver card as well as on the built-in mass storage device. It has a read and data connection, a small display and a printer. The use of this device is mandatory in the European Union and Switzerland. It is also possible to remotely download data from the digital tachograph.

How to download data from a digital tachograph?

Reading data from a digital tachograph consists in transferring the data stored in the device to an appropriate device enabling such a process, and then saving them on a computer disk. Files with the extension * ddd are downloaded from the tachograph. This is the only reliable way of recording information and driver activity that is compliant with European Union law. For this reason, only on their basis it is possible to create a record of working time.