Fleet vehicles

GPS monitoring of a fleet of vehicles - cars

The solutions offered by Transmobil are a perfect tool for companies with their own fleet of vehicles. The system we offer allows for objective verification of all transport-related events and the assessment of the efficiency of the vehicle user's work. The information presented on the screen of a computer or smartphone allows you to determine the working time, mileage, parking places (with the ignition on / off) and the route for business or private use.

In this way, you can find out, among others whether the representative visited the recipient in accordance with the schedule (how much time did he spend there, when did he come back, etc.).

The generated reports allow you to replace the reports that an employee must submit to the headquarters, or they can be used to verify them. It is an exceptionally advantageous form of control, as it allows for a significant reduction in costs (the employee may spend more time working in the field).

In addition, access to the service panel gives the user the ability to supervise the managed fleet, thanks to which the dates of inspections, tire changes, oil changes are not omitted. The software that we provide to our clients allows for personalization depending on the requirements and specificity of running a business.

Car fleet monitoring for complete safety

Monitoring of the car fleet allows for effective operation and improvement of efficiency. Detailed data on employee driving also allows you to take care of their safety. GPS monitoring of the fleet also reduces the accident rate of cars. Our company has developed a dedicated eco-driving module i

safety, where the elements of gamification allow for real involvement of employees in increasing safety and savings in the use of vehicles. Individual approach to each of the employees enables a significant improvement in driving technique. This is facilitated by, among others notifications, reports in the form of an informer as well as SMS or e-mail alerts. It also presents the daily reports that you can download in the most popular formats - .csv, .xls or .pdf.

Optimizing activities allows for effective planning of drivers' journeys in the field. This is due to the ability to track traffic flow as well as communicate with drivers. You will also learn if the orders were correctly completed, if the driver is near the order, and if

the time for its completion is appropriate. In addition, proper work planning contributes to increasing the company's earnings. Thanks to the Eco Driving mode, it becomes possible to control the employee's driving style, both in real time and to check the historical records of travels.

The driver's behavior largely determines its costs. You will learn how the driver uses the company car and check whether his driving does not generate excessive service costs. You will also know if the car is not being used for private purposes.

Fleet monitoring as protection against theft

The fleet's GPS also protects against theft - in addition to the fact that you can check where your car is at any time, an SMS or e-mail will inform you when the car leaves the designated zone, whether the vehicle has lost GPS or GPRS signal, or if the ignition has been turned on in forbidden hours.