a modern system for car fleet management, vehicle location and GPS monitoring, fuel control system.

Using the Transmobil system we get:

The Transmobil platform, operating 24 hours a day, allows you to control the position of vehicles on an ongoing basis and analyze various types of historical reports.
All data is available in the form of historical reports, both in Exel and PDF formats.
Access to the history of routes traveled and points visited up to a year ago.
It allows you to "listen" to information coming from the on-board computer, among others data on fuel consumption, mileage, speed, engine RPM, axle / axle load, dashboard warning light.
E-mail or SMS notifications about exceeding the specified parameters.
Shows vehicle records.
Settling the driver's working time.
The flexibility of the system, the ability to adapt to the customer's needs (optimal).
Analysis of refueling and fuel consumption, information about fuel theft.
The zones are added by the system user himself or they are automatically drawn. They enable reporting (stay in the zone, alarming about leaving the zone).