Mobile Transmission System

We are a company that deals with the design, sale and implementation of electronic and IT systems. We specialize in the production of vehicle control devices. In our wide and varied offer you will find, among others: GPS system, including one of the most popular: GPS for the car. In addition, we are producers of an innovative and modern GPS system that allows you to manage and monitor the fleet of vehicles. The wide range of our products also includes devices thanks to which the location of vehicles or fuel control, which is enabled by a fuel probe, CAN module or a float, will be carried out reliably and reliably. Our GPS system has been developed in such a way as to make it easier for you to observe, control and effectively manage vehicles. We are convinced that the GPS locator will improve the work of many companies.

The more that vehicle monitoring makes it possible to optimize the costs associated with the use of cars. What's more, GPS monitoring facilitates the settlement of employees, contributes to reducing fuel consumption, and also helps in increasing timeliness, for example during the product delivery process. Our mission is to create innovative and reliable software, thanks to which we contribute to increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises.