Fuel consumption control - fuel probe

One of the biggest costs of running a business where vehicles are used is the cost of purchasing fuel. The relatively easy possibility of theft, both at the gas station itself and directly from the fuel tanks, prompts the installation of additional security measures to prevent the abuses mentioned above. Therefore, the control of fuel consumption in the company allows you to detect possible irregularities in this regard, as well as control fuel consumption in company vehicles. Properly conducted monitoring of fuel consumption allows you to save.

There are many manual protections on the market, but they do not guarantee full protection. Our company has developed a system combining data from digital sensors and software processing and analyzing mentioned, which gives the user a comprehensive online control system.

The recorders that we offer allow for many connection options, including the fuel probes described below, the fuel float, and the CAN bus, also known as the CAN bus.

Based on our experience, we will advise you on the best methods of checking fuel consumption in a specific case. In addition, the control of fuel in the tank, as well as its combustion by means of GPS, will be illustrated with the help of appropriate reports.