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What is TransMobil?

TransMobil – a modern system for management of vehicle fleet, GPS location and monitoring of vehicles, and fuel monitoring system. Main elements of the system include:


GPS logger

Our unique GPS loggers installed in vehicles give plenty of connection possibilities, e.g. to a fuel probe, CAN buses, tachographs, printers, tablets, and many other sensors.



The heart of the system is a cluster of servers consisting of more than a dozen of functionally connected devices. The use of the cluster provides the system with equipment failure resistance. It ensures a permanent and fast access to a customer's stored data.



Accessible on a web browser or any mobile device. Advanced and well-developed functions of the system itself enable intuitive and easy management and monitoring of employees and vehicles they use.



Communication is protected with encryption based on 256-bit key which guarantees full protection from the interception and use of the signal by a third party. An on-line connection to a vehicle and transmission of the signal, that has complete information about the vehicle's condition, at an established frequency. 

Using the TransMobil system you are provided with:


24-hour TransMobil platform that enables you to keep track of vehicles and analyze different history reports.


All data is available in a form of history reports, both in Excel and PDF formats.

Route history

Access to history of routes and visited stops as far back as a year.

CAN module

It enables you to "listen" to information from the on-board computer, e.g. data concerning fuel consumption, mileage, vehicle speed, engine speed, axle weight, information from the dashboard indicator lights.  


E-mail or SMS notifications about the exceeding of given parameters.


It shows vehicle records.

Drivers' working time

Settlement of drivers' working time.


Flexibility of the system, a possibility to adapt the system to a customer's needs (optimally). 

Fuel monitoring

Analysis of refueling and consumption of fuel, information about gasoline theft.


Zones are placed on the map by a system's user or they are downloaded automatically. It enables reporting (staying in a zone, alarms about leaving a zone).



Optimization of vehicle use costs


Facilitation of settling employees from performed tasks and efficient working time


Increase in timeliness by directing a vehicle located the closest to the order's place


Decrease in fuel consumption by 15% on average


Control over owned vehicle fleet


Additional, even to 50%, discount for comprehensive cover insurance


Monitoring of drivers' working time and duration of their stops


Complete route and vehicle speed history


Control of vehicle use for private/business purposes


Control and optimization of vehicle routes


Control of delivery time and many more


Certainty and security

Best prices


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Lending of GPS logger


Free of charge lending of a GPS logger for the duration of agreement

Transfer of service


Transfer your GPS location and monitoring service to us without any costs.



Warranty for a GPS logger for the duration of agreement.


Installation is done in all types of vehicles in a professional and reliable way. We know that time is what counts the most, therefore, installations are done in a customer's headquarters or particular divisions, however, it does not entail any additional fees. High quality is ensured by our own team of qualified installers who specialize in vehicle electronics and alarm systems which allows to avoid mistakes during the installation. Our team is complemented by installation and maintenance & repair points.
We provide installations all over Europe.


To use TransMobil you need to have a GPS logger and software. We are aware of different needs and requirements of each company, therefore, we suggest two simple and clear solutions

You buy a GPS logger, and the monthly fee for a license that enables you to use the system is low.

You receive a GPS logger for lending, and its cost is included in the monthly software fee.

What distinguishes us from competitive companies

Servers which store data are located in our company's headquarters which provides full security.
We do not charge for activation, SIM card or extra reports or graphs.
The data is updated on a current basis without data transfer limitations.
All updates and functionality extensions (new reports, graphs, management-facilitating tools) are available for free to our customers.
Each connection with our system is encrypted with 256-bit key.
Warranty for our GPS loggers in the event of lending is valid as long as the duration of agreement.
TransMobil System Software has been developed by our team of developers, therefore, we can modify the system in any way, depending on customers' preferences.
Devices that we offer are designed and programmed by us, and they are produced in Poland with components of labelled manufacturers.

You have more questions? Look for answers below or contact our Sales Department.

  • Are the rates negotiable?
    Our rates depend on the amount of monitored vehicles, so we encourage you to negotiate.
  • Can I install a logger on my own?
    Of course, if you want, you can install a logger on your own :).
  • How long does an installation for one vehicle last?
    Depending on installed modules, from 40 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Do you arrive at a customer's location?
    We arrive at our customers' locations both in Poland and selected locations in Europe.
  • How long do I have to wait for a login and password for logging in?
    We send both a login and a password to our customers at the moment of the first installation.
  • Do GPS loggers have a 24-month warranty?
    A warranty for a logger lasts as long as a customer pays for the license.
  • How long is route history stored?
    We store route history to as far back as a year, and at a customer's request we can extend this period.
  • Will invoices be sent by e-mail or traditional mail?
    Depending on a customer's request, we send invoices by e-mail or traditional mail.
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